Monday, 26 March 2012


                       Jim aged 8ish

I have great dog called Jimmy.
He was  rescued from an owner that hated him.
He was four years old at the time and his health was questionable. He suffered from occasional fits, stiff hips and a very poor digestive system.
I really didn't think he would live past six or seven.

                He will be SEVENTEEN in June!

He has been in very poor health for the last year or so ....and very smelly.
Christmas Eve 2010, in the snow, we drove him to the vet...I had phoned ahead and she (the vet )had asked me if it was a PTS
We walked into the vets room where Jimmy immediately perked up and pretended he was a puppy. 
So that 2 minute visit lightened my purse by £25, the vet did a minimal investigation and recommended blood tests, I declined (note: She did not look into Jim's mouth)

All of 2011 Jim deteriorated.
hence 'waiting for Jim to die'. I didn't think he was healthy enough move to France and so I stayed in the UK with him.
But!.....he went to the vet 2 weeks ago, they took 19 teeth out!....Jim is now coming to live in France!

There is a down side to this story ...had the vet done her job in 2010.............................................!

ps for those who don't own pets PTS (put to sleep)

Friday, 16 March 2012

I haven't mentioned my husband yet...
He is not to keen on publicity but I had to share this email with you...thought it would give a good indication of the person he is.
He makes me laugh!

JC is our nearest French neighbour(who doesn't speak English)and has taken husband (who is trying hard to learn French) under his wing. 


What a trip ------ just back with JC.

Most of this was unexpected:

He took me to see his mate who can repair the front gate - nice shot of something 9.15am, plus strongest coffee I have ever tasted - screamed a bit like a girl on first sip - they were not impressed! Going back with gate - Jean Claude's tractor.
Next stopped on in the middle of nowhere to meet his mates making bread - had a good taste of various types. I said I needed the toilette - he said "non" ...and we drove off.

Next to the wood mill. That cutting service cos 230 euros!!!!! I thought it would be 80 euro - Quelle surprise!

Next - Graviers - I think, after much misunderstanding, we all now know what 'tout venant' is. 
Apparently the more with rollE (cafe e)the smoother it gets with the small bits of gravel lowering  below the surface and the clay compacting on the top. 
The lady at the gravel pit ( with, I think, beard)tried to explain the sequence.It takes about 6 months to settle.

Next - Perier. He took me to a shop and made me buy a wooden shaft for 8 euro - pourquoi? 
When we got home he attached it to the end of a nice shovel - great for the gravel - neat.

Off to hunt lino in a minute - and then back for the evening to take gate somewhere in Normandie.

A bientot


Saturday, 10 March 2012

I love vintage!

I tend to pop in all the charity shops in my local town almost every day.

I found this gorgeous old typewriter recently, it was a bargain!

I seem to have a problem though. I can never have one of anything. I am not sure why and it's a bit worrying because doubling up on stuff (and I mean lots of stuff!) really takes up  space. 
Living as I do in a smallish Victorian terraced house you can see my dilemma.

The good news is I will be moving to my lovely rural house in France quite soon and its a lot bigger.
Our lovely house in Normandy

There are no charity shops in our part of France, but my goodness there are plenty of vide greniers (car boots), brocantes, antique shops and depot ventes. I would like to try and keep 'stuff' in proportion this time but I guess only time will tell.

We are currently doing up the French house. It is in a very quiet little hamlet devoid of shops or bar (bit of a shame about the bar). It is surrounded on three sides by green fields and our nearest neighbours are across the road. Apart from those neighbours I have rarely caught sight of another human being.

View from the side of the house

I hope you enjoy this blog and will stick with me to find out all about this (quite scary) adventure, my vintage finds, my little irks and quirks, my family and other stuff.

Friday, 2 March 2012

This is my first post ever!

I am incredibly nervous about it.

Where to start?

I originally called this blog  'Blanket' - Simply because Blanket is one of my favourite words. It evokes a feeling of cosiness and warmth, it makes you feel protected and it covers all.
Before duvets, we were wrapped in woollen blankets, I still have vivid memories of my grandmother 'tucking me in' and kissing me goodnight, of being swaddled in a blanket on the sofa on those days when I was poorly and I remember a blanket stretched out on the grass for tea and toys.
Later, much later, a blanket, a picnic and a boy!
Now we have duvets, not the same is it?
Another favourite word of mine is 'Genre'. Do you have a favourite word?

Remember the blanket on the ground?
Snuggling up under the blanket?

Feeling warm and safe?

After all that I decided to re title my blog 

8 La Commune 

Call me fickle!